Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Autumnal Monday

You read that correctly :)

Isn't this an absolutely gorgeous morning? !!
Rain came in late Sunday afternoon and with it a cold front that has drastically dropped the temperatures. There is a chilly breeze coming through my window - I LOVE IT and I'm not complaining. Autumn and spring are my two favorite seasons. Autumn gets me excited about taking a break from all the yard responsibilities and move on to some other things for a bit. Doesn't mean I'm not still thinking about gardens and being outside. Pinterest has a ton of ideas and tutorials posts on planting, harvesting, things to make the chores easier and more productive.

I ran a couple of errands this morning while I supposed to be grocery shopping. After the first two stops, I decided I didn't want to and didn't really need to - at least for another couple of days. So I didn't. We won't starve and with Honey Do busy with international visitors for a couple of days, I don't really have to cook. I already have Tuesday's dinner well underway when I will need a meal for the family. Newton and I will just pick at whatever is in the fridge for now.

Rocky makes friends wherever he goes. The squirrels are in great numbers and very busy right now. So we see them everywhere we walk. We decided on a morning walk because I left this morning and it was good for both of us.

The first errand I ran was a discount store in our neighborhood. I didn't get what I went for specifically, but I did find several new cookbooks that caught my attention. Can't wait to peruse them this evening.

My second stop was to the library to make copies for the Growing Up QAL. It's on the agenda to cut out today.

The library also afforded me a couple of great finds. Speaking of gardening :) And John Besh cooks Louisiana which means lots of seafood which Honey Do loves. Another great resource.

Both books are soft cover. Used/discontinued books from the library are $1.00 for hardcover and 50 cents for soft covers. And best of all, there is no postal fees to have them shipped like Amazon and Ebay.

Once Rocky and I got home from our walk, I started the laundry and finished putting up my Halloween decorations.


The mailman brought "squishy" mail :)

Always a good thing. Thank you KTJ, this just moved to the top of my reading list. Cup of tea and finishing the book I'm reading now (Broken Road by Richard Paul Evans) so I can get to it. 

I also managed to spend a little time in the basement. There is so much stuff that needs to be sorted through and purged out of my home. I really need to just make the time and do it, even if it's just a little everyday.

Then I made time to put together the Growing Up QAL paper piecing pattern and sew it together.

Paper piecing is not my favorite and I discovered this afternoon mostly because I get confident and then in a hurry and then I make mistakes. I just have to force myself to slow down and I'm good.
Not  only is the block assembled, but I sandwiched and quilted it. One goal done :)

I also managed to find a bit of time to cut out all three of the I LOVE HOME blocks. Now I have to decide if I want a pretty center block, appliqued houses or embroidered centers. Decisions, decisions, decisions . . . 

Monday proved to be a very nice, productive day.

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Wishing you a day filled with creativity and productivity.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Goals for October 9, 2017

Goals for the week of October 9, 2017

1. Pam's Quilt
- sandwich DONE

- quilt
- bind
- label

2. I Love Home BOM - No progress here
- assemble Block 1
- assemble Block 2
- assemble Block 3

3. Crazy Quilt Snowman - Making progress, almost done
- finishing stitching

4. Santa Hats Wall Hangings (x3) - LOTS of progress here.
- review project, determine next steps

5. Christmas PJ's (x2) DONE
- cut out patterns
- assemble

Along with this, I got three pairs of jeans, two tops and a sheet mended and put away.

I was invited and participated in my first blog hop called Art with Fabric.

Got to spend a wonderful day with Mom

And even found some time in the garden :)

Here are my goals for the week of October 15, 2017

1. Pam's quilt
- baste
- quilt

2. Growing Up QAL
- copy pattern
- assemble block
- post

3. Snowman stitchery
- finish stitching
- assemble as a pillow

4. Santa Hats Wall Hangings (x3)
- begin embroidery

5. I LOVE Home
- cut out pieces for three blocks

This is an ambitious list with the quilt being the priority since it has a deadline for the end of the month.

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Wishing you a day filled with creativity and productivity.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Art with Fabric

 I don't know much about art. I can recognize Warhol, Picasso, Monet . . . by name and style.

I recognize the New York Museum of Art and the Louvre. 

I don't remember studying any of it during required art classes in elementary school.

So when Alida invited me to participate in this blog hop, initially, I said no. She, of course, said think about it. It sat there, niggling in the back of my brain. I didn't even know where to begin.

One day I walked into the library, took my normal path to the discontinued books. My decision was made instantly.

I found this book:

I recognized the artist's name. I wasn't familiar with his work, but the cover grabbed me and wouldn't let go. I could see this hanging on my wall. I could see the colors.

I could see the batiks !!!!

I said yes !

For me the process began with an invitation and a book. I already decided on a wall hanging.

I continued to play with the fabrics over the summer trying to make a final decision. I worked on other projects and commitments in the mean time, including another deadline for October. I finally put in some serious time at the end of September. 

Timing is everything. Newton went camping for the weekend and Honey Do agreed to carry out and no cooking.

Several years ago, Honey Do had a business trip to Hawaii - yeah, I know. I got to go too :)

Absolutely gorgeous, nine days of perfection. When I looked at the Matisse piece I saw ocean water and coral. I decided on a blue background I found in my stash. Then I started choosing my "coral" colors and came up with this combination above.

Matisse's book generously provided the patterns.

(from Matisse, a Second Life)

I traced the designs on fusible web. My favorite is Wonder Under  because it's really light weight. Even Heat and Bond Light is too heavy for most of my projects. Once it was ironed on to the fabric, I spent an evening cutting them out and playing around with the layout.

Once I made a final decision,

I set them with the iron so that I could start appliquing by machine. I normally like to hand stitch, but wanted to play with some Aurifil  thread I won over the summer.

And the sewing began, dark in some places but I really love the variegated thread.

After just a couple of days, I had the applique finished, and the project sandwiched.

Next, quilting by machine.

Once the quilting was done, binding. I was going to sew on the binding but decided to just bring it from the back. I like how it turned out.


Next I added some glittery buttons for added interest.

And a finished project, including the label.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Mom's Day . . . Friday Goals

The day started out dreary and foggy as I drove to Mom's. Goodies all got packed and I was looking forward to spending some time with her.

She loved all the goodness I brought her and what lovely, sweet conversation we have. It continually amazes me how much talking we can do when we get together :)

I took her the last bloom from my favorite rose bush. It was a gift from her years ago to me for Mother's day. I pamper and care for it every year in fear of losing it. And what a wonderful last bloom it is. Mom was thrilled to get it.

My goals for the day were simple.

1. Growing Up QAL - choose fabrics. DONE

2. Snowman - making progress. I only have one more arm and his head to do. DONE

Friday goals:

1. Mending - jeans

2. Growing Up QAL - construct block

3. PJ's - sew together

4. Snowman embroidery - more stitching

5. Next week's menu

6. Finalize Sunday School lesson

7. Bible Study

All of this should keep me very busy for the day.

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Wishing you a day filled with creativity and productivity.

Wednesday Play Day, Thursday Goals

My "play day" ended up being much shorter than I had planned. Honey Do needs my car for international visitors for work next week, so I needed to clean it out. I don't mean to neglect it, I just forget every time I get out of it. I took it to the car wash and used their industrial vacuums to sweep it out. I still need to get some soapy hot water to wipe the interior, which I have planned for Friday.

Once that was done, a quick trip to the grocer for dinner supplies and the library for some printing and back home for my "play day".

Delayed again with the breakfast casserole I made to take to Mom's on Thursday :)

And I did mention dinner :)

Chicken Pot Pie

It's very humid, but rained off and on all day, I thought it was the perfect meal.

Finally !!! Wednesday's goals:

1. Mending - yes, there's still more. I'm breaking it up over the week. Top knit tops needed my attention today. DONE

2. Christmas PJs - two pairs to cut out. DONE

Not only did I get those done, but I cut up the leftover scraps into five inch blocks and 2.5 and 1.5 inch strips for scrap quilts and leaders/enders.  DONE

3. Wall Hanging - begin embroidery.
I didn't start this yet because I'm trying to finish the Snowman Crazyquilt embroidery. No sense in having both projects in progress.

4. I Love Home - Block 1 - cut out the pieces
Still haven't gotten to this

5. Growing Up QAL - read the instructions. DONE

The forecast was for rain and a perfect excuse to stay home. I did have to run to the grocery store and library, but I made quick trips of them first thing.

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Don't forget to check out Art with Fabric :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Monday goals . . . Tuesday goals . . . let's keep on, keepin' on

Monday was much more productive than I dared hope. 
These were my goals for Monday:

1. Post introduction post for Art with Fabric Blog Hop


2. Sandwich Pam's quilt


The backing for this quilt needed to be a little larger, so I cut and pieced the back. I incorporated a couple of left of blocks from the kids so I could use them up. Ready for pin basting and trimming.

3.  Mending


I had a fitted sheet that I wanted to add elastic to the corners to prevent it from pulling out.

4. Make PJs
I didn't have time to get to these. 

5. Christmas wall hangings

Threads were chosen to match the background fabrics in these little projects.

It's been a long time since I started these. I needed to see where I was. Stitching was done by machine this time around. There are quite a few of these little "hats" to stitch. I did them one color at a time, instead of each project from start to finish. I didn't have to change thread as often. 

Next step is to embroider all the lettering.

I also did some baking between loads of laundry.

Pear and cranberry clafoutis.  Can't wait to dig in :)

On the agenda for Tuesday:

Since it's Bible Study day, and our class is volunteering in the children's program there wouldn't be much time between daily chores and meals to do much. I did manage to get some time in on the snowman stitchery that has been hanging around too long.

It felt really good to do some stitching. It's been quite a while since I've had any interest in doing some.

I also managed to transplant a peony tree from my front garden to a back garden.

All my flower beds are in need of serious overhaul. Unfortunately, I'm loosing interest in them to quilting and stitching. Hopefully this will take because it was blooming beautifully in the spring in the front garden. This one gets lots of sunshine so I hope that it will thrive and encourage the bees to visit us. They are risking extinction from lack of flowers and pesticides. I need them around to not only encourage the flowers but the blooms on my vegetables.

For Wednesday goals:

1. Mending - yes, there's still more. I'm breaking it up over the week.

2. Christmas PJs - two pairs to cut out.

3. Wall Hanging - begin embroidery.

4. I Love Home - Block 1 - cut out the pieces

5. Growing Up QAL - read the instructions.

That should keep me busy all day. The forecast is for rain and a perfect excuse to stay home. I do have to run to the grocery store and library, but I'll make quick trips of them first thing.

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Don't forget to check out Art with Fabric :)

Monday, October 9, 2017

Monday's Goals

It's Monday, October 9 !!!!

It's raining here. Finally !!!!

It's the perfect day for sewing . . .  stitching . . .  baking . . .  laundry.

While the laundry did its thing, I was baking.


Pear and Cranberry Clafoutis.

The repair man came to fix the ice maker on my refrigerator. Yes, it was a hot summer and decided that it had worked enough. I'm tired of going to purchase bags of ice to keep it filled.

So my goals for Monday:

1. Post introduction post for Art with Fabric Blog Hop

2. Sandwich Pam's quilt

3.  Mending

4. Make PJs

5. Christmas wall hangings

None of these goals are finishes, but I have to start before I can finish . . . LOL

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Wishing you a day filled with creativity and productivity.